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" Online-Customer Acquisition ... is difficult? "

Spend you much on Advertising & your Webseite don't sell ? 

 Win : Customer, Time, Sales & Website

the fully automatic - "sells".  &   1  Gift.   How ?

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For all companies as well as ... doctors, lawyers, restaurant etc.

Online  work in your Company

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Automatic Marketing

Customer Win Fully automated - Online

Online Marketing

The most effective  & the best Advertising Agency



which Sell

Automated marketing is the most effective form of advertising !

With paid or free promotional activities, exclusively online.

The interested ones want to become customers. And the customers trust you more.

I obligate myself: 

  •  Automate communication and advertising processes online (or to become a customer or if he is an automated customer to be informed by now.)
  • Care  the automated system with constant updates, email creations,, listbuilding etc.

I obligate myself:

  • Post  and Announcen, in Social Media & Control  all of these to be included in your database for measurable results with the goal of being in your Email-Marketing.
  • Care for Online-Announcenments, Post, optimizations etc.

I obligate myself:

  •  Landing-Pages or Salles-Pages  ( if you already have a website ) the first one looks after the new marketing philosophy, with the goal to be included in your database and become a customer.
  • Care Your Landing-Pages or Website with Updates, Blog, News, Videos; Optimizations etc.

And you can achieve similar growth rates..

The most well-known and fast-growing Internet companies, especially Amazon, Facebook, ... Groupon implement automatic marketing. The unexpected success of these businesses would be unthinkable without this system.

Scientific research clearly shows that online marketing and especially email marketing compared to other marketing tools achieves the best results.

Conversation rate (CR) of online marketing like email marketing, SEO / SEM & social media marketing are higher than any other form of advertising.

 Every day, thousands of people on the Internet are looking for a clear intention to buy their products and services. In the following information or on our live Skype webinar, I will show you how to fully establish trustful relationships with your potential customers and your customers.

Get your personal access to our live Skype webinar. After that, you will never need to "brush the door" again. By providing automation and tag-based email marketing, you will gain a lot of time. You can spend this time with people who are really important to you

Click the button and sign up for a free live Skype webinar / update and see how you can increase your revenue - like Amazon and other customers - with tag-based automated online marketing.

If you apply our methodology, then you no longer need to sell your products. The many willing customers will come to you and order your products or services without your active doing. ...

Finally many sales. Even without many visits.. ...

What is Automatic Marketing & How does it work

Sign up NOW for free - The Time is come?


Online  work in your Company

from 20euro/h - only for the first 10.  How?




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About me :


My name is Avraam Skenteridis, I am a marketing specialist, resident in Ludwigsburg, with many years of work in Greece in the field of advertising as a marketing manager and in recent years I work in Ludwigsburg Germany in the field of online marketing. I use and apply online marketing, automated tag-based marketing process, and myself build the websites...


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